“A miraculous nature wonder that is unique in the world 

Explanation of the rock formations

As a result of the volcanic eruptions that occured in this region centuries ago, a large tableland from the volcanic tufas were formed and together with the erosion of the Kizilirmak river and wind over ten thousands of years, the chimney looking rocks surfaced.

In the old bronze age, Cappadocia was the population zone of the Hittite, Frig, Pers, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.
The first Christians escaped from the persecution of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century B.C. came to the Cappadocia. The first Christians found the underground cities in Cappadocia. Because of the difficult access to the cities, they have escaped from the persecution of the Roman soldiers.

During your stay for your treatment, you may choose to visit Cappadocia.

Here is a taste of what your trip might look like:

Day 1
Hot air balloon flights are the most amazing way of seeing Cappadocia. Cappadocia is definitely one of the most beautiful places for balloon tours because of its unique landscape.
The tour starts at sunrise, with a pick up from your hotel and lasts about 3 hours (the actual flight time being 1 hours).
Passengers enjoy champagne after takeoff, and discover magical land through magnificent fairy chimneys, interesting cavernous hillsides historical rock churches with an unforgettable adventurous journey…

Day 2 will start with the visit of Goreme Open Air Museum “a complex of medieval painted cave churches carved out by Orthodox monks” to see the best examples of Byzantine art in Cappadocia. There are over 10 cave churches in the Goreme Open Air Museum. Along with rectories, dwellings, and a religious school, they form a large monastic complex carved out of a roughly ring-shaped rock formation in the otherworldy landscape of Cappadocia.
Before lunch break we will be visiting also some valleys of Cappadocia for breathtaking views..
After lunch we will visit Kaymakli Underground City where early Christians lived in fear and faith. It is one of the largest and deepest of Cappadocia’s many such settlements. Kaymakli people were built their homes around the underground city tunnels for security reason. Kaymakli underground city has 8 story and 5000 peoples can live in it, 4 story is open yet.
Before heading back to hotel we will be visiting Mustafapasa Village (formally known as Sinasos) which is one of the nicest villages in Cappadocia. In the last century it was the center of Cappadocia and rich ottomans built their splendid mansions here.